Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday March 30, 2009

It was good to be back in the park. I got up this morning and went to the rally hall and made coffee for the guys that are left. Jim, Mack Dwayne and Bill came down and we had a nice visit and worked on some of the world problems.

Stella and I went to the Post Office to send some letters to her clients. We stopped off at the Kroger store where I got fuel after the trip home. We took 15.3 gallons @ $1.999 peer gallon to go 306.9 miles for a 20.05 average.

We came back to the park and picked up Jim and Bill and all went to Camping World in Bill's truck. We stopped at the Grainger store to use the restroom and I bought a foam pad to kneel on and a big spray can of LPS-3. We went to CW and bought a new sewer hose and some braces for the kitchen cabinets to keep things in place when we are traveling. Bill bought several items, but Jim didn't buy anything. We stopped off at the Los Cucos restaurant for lunch and came on back to the park.

We all wanted to go out for supper with Jim and his wife Reeta, so we met about 5:45 and went to the Hartz Chicken buffet on the freeway near Rayford. The food wasn't very good but it filled us up. We came back to cold and rainy weather and all went back inside our trailers for the night.


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