Monday, March 30, 2009

Saturday March 21, 2009

Today I stayed in our trailer to drink my coffee and eat cereal for my breakfast. Bill and Ornell had told Ricky and Dee that we would come over in the afternoon to see their house and go out to eat somewhere. Bill drove us in Ornell's new Lincoln SUV.

Since Stella and I had not found any lawn chairs yesterday, we thought we'd go look today. We went to Lone Star RV to look at chairs and other RV items. While I was there, i had a chance to chat with Gordon Byrne, one of the sons of the owner and the man that had sold us out Mobile Scout trailer back in 1998. He flattered me when he remembered me and what i did when I was working. I told him about our Heartland rallies because they recently began selling Bighorn trailers. He said he would be interested in participating in the next rally, so I told him that I would be in touch before then.

We went on over to Ricky and Dee's house and had a nice visit. Ricky showed us his new handguns because Bill wants a new one for Ornell. We later went to eat at the Los Ranchitos mexican restaurant and had a good meal. We left Ricky and Dee after eating supper and went to the big Academy store to look for chairs. It was a disappointment because they only had the bag chairs, and none of the director chairs that we wanted.

We came on back home and hung out for a little while at Bill and Ornell's trailer.

Another pleasant day gone by.

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