Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday March 2, 2008

Yikes, it's 34 degrees here in sunny south Texas! At least its not snowing. Donna spoke with Brenda who is in Memphis while Rick works for his brother there, and they had 5" of snow on the ground yesterday. There was so much snow they couldn't make it to church.

It soon began warming up, so Ted, Tom and I went to get our propane bottles filled. I went ahead and filled both of mine, while they only filled one. We probably looked like a propane delivery truck with all those bottles.....

Ted and Donna and Stella and I later went over to Harlingen to the Iwo Jima memorial. The memorial is in Harlingen because one of the men holding the flag was from Weslaco. We learned that he had been mis-identified at first, but his mother recognized him in the photo and set the record straight.
It was a very moving experience to see what those brave young men did so long ago.

After leaving the memorial, we went by the Llano Grande RV Resort in Mercedes. It is a very nice park, but a little bit pricey. There are so many RV parks in this area, it would take a couple of weeks to visit all of them. While there are several things I don't like about the Casa Del Sol's amenities, it is centrally located and easy to get in and out of.

We returned to the park where Ted grilled our supper. They had bought some steaks at a meat market in Brenham and Stella had some boneless pork chops. It was a good meal with good friends. Tom and Judy stopped by and we sat around chatting until it got too cold to sit outside and we all went home.


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