Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday March 14, 2009

We woke to rainy and cold weather again this morning. It was a good morning to just stay inside where it was warm and cozy and watch TV and read books.

We went over to David and Charlotte's trailer where we ate leftover soup and sandwiches for lunch. We met another of Charlotte's friends and her husband, Tom and Judy. Charlotte and Judy worked at the school district together until Charlotte retired. We sat around visiting most of the afternoon.

Tom had a problem with his Hitchhiker trailer when they arrived. He let the landing legs down but when he tried to lower the entire leg, there was a pin that sheared off, so one leg wouldn't come down. He had to leave his trailer attached to his truck until he can get it fixed or until they leave for home.

We went over to Bob and Donna's trailer for supper of David's chili and cornbread. We were supposed to have gone to a karaoke session in the rec hall, but we got to talking and forgot about it. We remembered it about 8:15 and decided that it was too late to go. We sat around chatting and visiting until 10 o'clock and all went home. The rain had stopped but it was cold outside, so we didn't try to sit outside.

We watched a little television and went to bed. We didn't use the furnace because the electric heater in the living room kept the whole trailer warm. It was very pleasant sleeping but I'm tired of the cold weather.

Til next time.

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