Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday March 23 thru Wednesday March 25

There were only three trailers from the Boomer rally left in the park. Jim and LeAnne had to go to their accountant's office to do their taxes, Bernest had to go to work and Pauleen took the day off to close up the trailer and get it ready to leave, and Ted and
Donna stayed in the park to get ready to leave this morning.

I got up this morning and went and had coffee with the guys. Ted came down a little before 8 and joined us for coffee. I walked home with him and fixed some breakfast for myself. About 9:30 or 10, I noticed Ted outside and walked over to check with his preparations to leave. He said he had trouble with his electrical, perhaps a battery problem, but as long as he stayed hooked up either to his truck or with his electric plugged in, they showed to be in good shape. He got everything working and they left about 10:30 or so. They have a long trip of 6 miles to get back to their storage lot, but he said they would have to stop somewhere because he couldn't make a long haul like that without a break ha ha :-)

Stella had to go to a Wa-Mu bank to make a deposit for one of Dr. Gulde's employees, so we went out to eat at the China Bear. This is a very large oriental food buffet that calls itself the biggest and best buffet in Houston. We like it but both agreed that it wasn't as good as usual tonight.

I messed up and called Jennifer for Ian's birthday this evening. My watch had somehow showed the wrong date, the 24th instead of the
23rd. We had a nice chat, and I told her I would call back tomorrow on the right day to sing Happy Birthday to him.

Tuesday was a laid back, stay home day for us. I woke and had coffee with the guys and came back to the trailer. The weather was cloudy and with thoughts of cleaning up the dirt and mud that had been left on the trailer after the rainy weather in Donna as we left and in Palacios, I began washing the truck and trailer. Intermittent rain all day kept me from finishing the job, but I did get most of the worst spots done. I got the truck completely washed and it looks much better. If the weather clears up, I plan to use some new spray wax on the front and rear caps but it doesn't look promising.

I called Ian on his birthday tonight. When I called, he was sitting in his Mom's lap eating his cake. We will see him this weekend at his birthday party. Looking forward to that....

I watched some television tonight but the president was on for an hour, so I had to find something else to watch. Thank goodness for cable TV with several channels!

Wednesday began very early for me. I woke much earlier than usual (3:30AM) but spend time on the computer and watching the infomercials on TV before going back to sleep in my chair in the living room. It was 49 degrees outside this morning and raining very lightly but I'm sure it will clear up during the day.

I went down to have coffee as usual, but this will probably stop soon because most of the guys are leaving. Most of the coffee drinkers will be gone by the time we leave next Wednesday for Tyler.

I went by the office and changed my fall site from #115 which is the last site in the park, to #46, which is on the first row about halfway in the back section of the park. This is not as close to the front as I want, but it is a step in the right direction. Melissa promised to find me a site closer to the front when she gets a cancellation.

The temperature got up to 84 degrees this afternoon, so we just stayed in the trailer all afternoon. Stella worked on her stuff and I read and watched television. I did accomplish something by going through my email box and cleared out some very old emails.

I piddled around some outside, taking advantage of the cloudy weather. It did warm up soon, but I got some of my stuff rearranged and put away in the storage. The sliding tray is exactly what I needed to improve my storage.

I took a walk around the park in the morning and another this afternoon. It was a very nice day for a walk and I visited with several folks outside their rigs.

So much for the first three days this week.

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