Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monday March 9, 2009

We stayed home today to rest up and take care of some things around the house. I got up and rinsed the truck off, in preparation for tomorrow's washing and waxing of the trailer. It needs a good washing, but the rinse knocked off the hanging dirt.

I walked up to the office to get our mail, and while there, the new assistant manager, Zina, told me that we still owe $45.00 for a month's stay here. Stella had paid the amount that was requested when we checked in and has a receipt for the month in the amount of $330.00 but she told me it was $375.00 for a month. She also told me that the electricity would be $1.00 a day since our meter doesn't work. Stella said she will talk to them tomorrow about the bill.
Zina was also kind of rude to me when I asked her for a roll of quarters so we could do the laundry. She just said "no" in a mean tone of voice, but then said that someone had just bought the last roll they had. They don't have a change machine in the laundry, so we had to stop at a bank to get some change.

We needed groceries, so Stella made a list and we went to Wal Mart. Before going there, we stopped off at Feldman's which is an upscale liquor store/deli that we had seen on another trip through the area. The prices seemed high to me, but we bought a couple of bottles of hooch to go to Palacios on Friday.

We returned to the park and put the groceries away. Ted and Donna had come back from their Hitchhiker luncheon at Mr. Gatti's Pizza. They said they had a good time and the big topic of conversation there was that Nu-Way was starting production again in June.

We all sat outside for awhile and got hungry. We just cleaned out the refrigerators of leftovers, and ended up having a pretty good supper. We sat outside for a little while and Stella fixed us some ice cream drinks for dessert. Donna accidentally spilled Ted's drink but Stella made him another one.

Donna got out their smoothy-maker that they bought about two years ago and had never used. When Ted opened it, he found the plastic container to mix the drinks in was broken. He said he would contact the company to see about getting a replacement.

We all went inside and watched some TV before retiring. Tomorrow is Ted and Donna's last full day here, and they leave for Victoria on Wednesday. We will be leaving on Friday for Palacios for four days with David and Charlotte.

'Til the next time....

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