Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday March 22, 2009

Today was the last day of my retirement rally at Rayford Crossing. I got up and made some coffee and went outside to talk to David and Charlotte before they left, a little before eight o'clock. After they left, I went back inside and ate a leftover biscuit for my breakfast and watched as others made their preparations to leave.

One by one my friends left to go home. It is always nice to now be able to sit back and watch as everyone leaves on Sunday morning while we can sit back and take it easy. There were no problems or incidents during the others departures, although Jim Sims had to find a roll of duct tape to work on Raymond's awning that had ripped. He found some in Don Allen's (who else?) trailer and made the temporary repairs.

Everyone was pretty much out by noon except Barbara and Larry and Vickie who had vehicle problems. There were four trailers including ours that stayed another night, Ted and Donna, Jim and LeAnne and Bernest and Pauleen. We all hung out all afternoon, and Bernest and Pauleen went for a ride on their motorcycle. It was a fine day for a motorcycle ride with sunny skies and warm temperatures.

We all got together at Ted and Donna's trailer for a hot dog/coney island supper. Everyone pitched in for the supper and it was a nice way to end up my weekend with friends.

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