Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday March 5, 2008

We decided to stay at home today and rest up. We have been going somewhere every day, so we're taking a break.

Bob Wurch called to say that he was in town and wanted to come by to chat. He came by about 10 o'clock and we all sat outside and drank coffee and talking. Bob invited Stella and I to eat lunch with him at Lin's Chinese buffet. Ted was supposed to have had his trailer washed at one, so they didn't want to leave. Lunch was very good, and the variety is at least as good as anything in Housotn.

We returned to the trailer, and Bob left for Laredo for other sales calls. I talked to Ivan, our neighbor and learned that he had his truck washed and waxed for $25.00 at a car wash on Business 83. Ted and I later went to Wal Mart but when we talked to the lady at the car wash, she quoted Ted a price of $30.00. She said that the Wednesday special was $25.00, so Ted said he will be back on Wednesday.

Donna invited us to have spaghetti and meatballs with them tonight, so Stella fixed a no-sugar white chocolate pie and we went. Supper was good, and we all enjoyed our food. Donna wanted to watch Survivor on television, so we all went in early.

Another nice day in the RGV.

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