Monday, March 30, 2009

Friday March 27, 2009

This morning I went to have coffee with the guys and Bill came down with us. We had a good time as usual but it was kind of sad too because most of us will be leaving soon for our summer travels and many to go back to their homes. Stella made us pigs in a blanket for breakfast which everyone enjoyed like we always do.

Jim and Reeta told us that the Ace Hardware near the park had some nice looking folding chairs that we might want to check out. We went to the store and looked at the chairs but they weren't what we were looking for. These were the bag-type chairs, not the director chairs that we wanted. We then decided to go to some other stores to look. We went to Sam's club and found what we were looking for, but at a higher price than I wanted to pay. We kept on looking and went to the Wal Mart on 242. While shopping, we heard rain on the tin roof and then loud sounds that sounded like hail. I immediately called Jim at the park to ask him to put the awning up, which he did. I went to the front of the store and looked outside but didn't see any sign of hail. We later learned that it had hailed in Conroe but not around here.

We returned to the park and went to a potluck dinner with the other winter Texans that were getting ready to leave to go back home for the summer. We had a very enjoyable meal with our friends and stayed to play bingo.

I got a telephone call from Phil, my brother. He told me about Carol being laid off in thr reduction at UTMB but she will be starting a new job at Clear Lake hospital next month. His brother and sister-in-law have moved into a FEMA trailer in Galveston and the repairs to their house are almost complete. Clifford and katherine, his father and mother-in-law have sold their house in Galveston and are still living with Phil in Dickinson but are looking at a house around the corner from his house. He told me that Bobbye Sue has bought a lake house near Dallas and she and Pete are thinking about moving out of their house into the lake house soon. I told Phil about Aunt Frat and he said he would try to call Janie to talk to her.

I went back into the bingo game and learned that my card had won one of the games, but Stella had collected the money. I guess that will teach me to leave my game in her

Another day done...

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