Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday August 9, 2009-Green Caye RV Park, Dickinson

Today I got up and started cleaning up the trailer. Stella has been doing so much work of shredding papers and I felt that the least I could do was to help in cleaning up after her. She dropped many small pieces of the shredded paper, but I guess she didn't see them. She is old you know and her eyesight is getting bad.

Our friends Tommy and Susan came up for a visit this morning, arriving right about 11 o'clock. Tommy is very punctual; when he tells you he will be there at a certain time, he is there. We didn't stay here too long but went to get something to eat at a local seafood restaurant. It was good and we returned to the trailer. Tommy wanted to make a short video of Stella and I for his blog
Tommy is a professional photographer and has a beautiful picture of the Priest Gulch RV Park where we are going soon. We will meet them there about the middle of September. You will see more about that when we arrive on Sept. 1st.

Tommy, being the professional that he is, used a special filter on his video camera to make me look not so fat and not so old. I appreciate his efforts to improve me.

We sat around watching the rain clouds go around our park, but other areas around us got some rain. We need the rain very badly. I'm sure it will rain cats and dogs after we leave and my grass will be waist high again. Maybe the grass fairy will visit my house and cut it for me. In reality, I'm going to find someone to cut the grass while I'm gone. Tommy and Susan left about 2:30 after a nice visit.

Sunday was a day of rest for both Stella and the shredder because she didn't destroy a single check or document today. I'll get her up early tomorrow to start the new week out.

So long.

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