Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday August 31, 2009-Travel Day, Amarillo to Espanola NM

I slept late this morning, until almost 5:30! The cool (cold) weather here makes for good sleeping. Of course, the clean sheets on the bed helped. I helped Stella put the clean sheets on last night. Let me tell you, it's hard to wake up from a sound sleep in the recliner and have to go in and make the bed. I guess we better call the maid and tell her where we are parked so she can come in and clean up and make the beds.

Stella fixed us some frozen biscuits with sausage and eggs that were very tasty. She cooked enough for us to take one to munch on later in the morning. We like to do this because we can make better time and not have to stop to eat.

What was kind of strange was that after the oil leaks at Rayford, I found none on the pavement under the truck. Maybe the problem with the truck is not as serious as I first thought. I will have it checked when we get back in October.

It was kind of a boring drive except for the scenery. Stella took some pictures that haven't been downloaded to the computer yet, but as soon as they are, I'll put them out here for you to see.

Stella called ahead to the Cottonwood RV Park because she had heard that the GPS directions will take you to a dead end street. She wanted to make a reservation and to get good directions so we wouldn't go astray. With that done, we went through Santa Fe without a problem and pulled into the park about 2:00. I don't like this park and cannot recommend it to others. They are advertised on Passport America yet they don't give the discount until November. I'm sure that there are some folks that come to the mountains of New Mexico in November but I am not one of them. The park needs some serious grading of the roads and some of the sites and the sites themselves are very tight. They seem to cater to long-term stay rather than travelers.

I washed the truck and trailer since they were filthy from the road grime and the few showers we had run through. The showers were nothing more than little spits of rain that didn't even require the windshield wipers, but put water on the road which kicked up on the sides of the truck and trailer. During the first day of our journey, I had discovered that the mud flaps were hitting the pavement at times, and the bottom of them had been ground down. Not only was this hard on the mud flaps, it put the tine flecks of rubber all over the trailer; lots on the front under the overhang and quite a bit down both sides. They both look much better now.

We got three channels on the television, so we relaxed inside for the rest of the night.

So long.

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