Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday August 11, 2009-Green Caye RV park, Dickinson

We stayed home this morning. I've been eating cereal for my breakfast that is supposed to lower your cholesterol, and when I go for my doctor visit, we'll see. I went for a walk around the park this morning, another healthy thing I am doing. Ricky and I joked with Dee about our sites #104 and 105 at Rayford were a mile from the office/pool but I measured around the park and it's just over .09 mile around the entire drive area. I'm doing my best.....

Stella spoke with one of her client doctors and made an appointment to meet with her this afternoon. She also had to go by the doctor's office to meet with Jackie there, so we made a round trip to take care of her business. It worked out very well, because instead of her having to go into the hospital to find the doctor, when we drove up, Dr. Gulde was getting out of her car in the parking lot. Stella was able to just meet with her and give her some papers right there in the parking lot, so we weren't there five minutes. It seemed like a waste of time to go there for so short a time, but it was something that had to be done and she did get paid for it. Of course, me being her chauffeur didn't pay anything.

When we left, we went to a truck lot in Dickinson to look at some trucks. I don't really want a new truck but like to look. They showed us a Dodge 3500 that was equipped like we want but it had a lot of rust on the frame around the front seats. He then showed us a Ford F-350 that was also pretty much what we want but it had some cigarette burns on the front seat and Stella said the back seat smelled like a disinfectant. We thought both of these trucks may have had some water damage, so we kept on looking. I told Stella that it will take a lot of work to change out the accessories, the air ride for the rear axle, the fuel tank, the tool box with the air compressor and of course, my favorite toy, my air horn.

We came back here and she continued to shred papers. We had five large trash bags full of shredded documents for the trash man to pick up. Stella has been working hard on getting this done.

I've been keeping tabs on any storms that are brewing in the Gulf or Caribbean, so we can make a quick getaway. I told Stella that if a storm brews up and comes into the Gulf, we're out of here, no matter how how big or small the storm is. We're not taking any chances and I'm NOT going through another hurricane.

So long.

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