Friday, August 7, 2009

Thursday August 6, 2009-Green Caye RV Park Dickinson

Today we woke later than usual, about 7:30. We ate our breakfast and drank our coffee and began cleaning up the trailer because we were having visitors. Bill and Ornell were coming to visit and to pick up a part for our tripod for the Dish antenna. I had ordered the parts and a mast for the tripod that I had gotten from Ricky. He had apparently discarded the mast when he got rid of the dish antenna they used in the trailer, so I called the company and ordered a new one.

This house was a MESS! The shredding had left many little strips of paper on the floor but I ran the vacuum and picked them up. We got the place all cleaned up and then Bill and Ornell got here and we sat outside under the awning (in a nice breeze) and had a nice visit. Bill has changed his medication and was feeling kind of funky, and was ready to get to the doctor and get his medications.

I am so thankful that I haven't developed any other medical problems other than diabetes. I get checked quarterly by my doctor and so far, my kidneys, liver and heart are fine. These are very common problems for diabetics but so far, I've been lucky.

We stayed in today and Stella worked some more on the papers to be shredded. We have given away probably 100 paperback books in the past couple of days. these are books that we bought and read and put into the book cases at the house. I tried to sell some to the Half Price Bookstore but didn't get anything for them, so I decided to just give them to the various parks that we visit. Most of the parks have libraries that their guests can use to get new books to read. I took one big box to the Via Bayou park where we stayed in May and are planning to stay in again in November and an even bigger box to the library here. selling books in a garage sale is such a hassle that I'd rather give the books to libraries for fellow RV'ers for their use and pleasure.

I contacted the Disabled American Veterans organization about picking up the furniture at the house. I had sent them an email over a week ago and had not heard from them, so I sent another email. We'll see what they tell me about picking up the furniture.

Stella made a corn chowder soup and baked a loaf of bread for our supper. The soup was very good but the bread didn't rise and was very heavy but I ate it anyway. the bread had a good flavor but was heavy.

It was a pretty good day although we didn't get anything done at the house.

So long.

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