Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tuesday August 18, 2009-Green Caye RV

Today was the day that the "furniture guys" from the Disabled American Veterans were coming to pick up the majority of our furniture. We intended to be at the house by 8 o'clock because we were not certain when they would be there. Our intentions were good but we didn't get there until about 8:45. As it worked out, we were fine because they didn't get here until about 11. The only thing they didn't take was the waterbed (which we knew they wouldn't take), the old recliner, and the bed in Kim's bedroom. I was a bit surprised about the things they wouldn't take, but very thankful for the things they did take. It will make the clean-up of the rest of the house much easier.

We continued to work in the house until about 12:30 when we decided to take some items to the storage room in Texas City. We also went by the boy's house to get some things they had forgotten.

We picked up Tyler from his golf camp and came back to the trailer. Stella fixed a snack to tide the boys over until supper and we hung out here for the rest of the afternoon. I had called Kim and gotten permission to set up both boys with a G-Mail account. I got both of them done, along with a small contact list of family members and sent their information to Kim as she had requested. This way she will have all the information she needs to monitor both boys and their emails sent and received.

For several days, it has been clouding up and thundering but we have not gotten any measurable rain at the park. Apparently it has rained a few times at the house because the grass is in much better shape than this at the park. The grass here is very dry, brown and crunchy and I have been watering the front yard for a couple of days. Even though we are leaving in a week, I want to see if I can make the grass at least turn green if not growing. I know, why am I worrying about someone else's grass? I'm just trying to make the place a little better for the next person that comes in, and beside that, I don't have to mow the grass, so if I can make it green and grow, I don't have to worry about it.

That's what I like about this lifestyle, I have a big yard that I don't have to take care of.

So long.

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