Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wednesday August 19, 2009-Green Caye RV Park, Dickinson

I took Tyler to his golf camp next door and went over to the house to get some work done. Stella and Cameron stayed at the trailer while she looked over some emails and did some work for her clients. I cleaned up some things in the garage and got a lot of things ready to take to storage, so about 12:30 I left and went to get Stella and Cam and we went to Texas City. We dropped off the stuff at storage and picked up some homework for Tyler to work on. He is in the Gifted and Talented classes in school and had a couple of book reports to get done over the summer. School starts on Monday. Where has the summer gone? I am so proud of Tyler for his schoolwork. He has been in the G&T class his whole time in school and just last year, in the 6th grade, he made his first B. He only made one and A's on everything else. He told me recently that he intends to take a half day of G & T classes in high school and go to the local junior college for the second half day. When he graduates from high school, he will have earned an associate degree at the same time. He can enter college as a second semester sophomore or a junior. WOW!!

We learned that Cameron is going to a new baseball school, the Wheelhouse Baseball School for advanced training in baseball. This school is staffed by former professional baseball players that will give these kids a class twice a week and at least 2-3 tournaments to play in every month. It is expensive but if it makes Cam a better player, especially if he can play professional ball someday. I hope he remembers his PePaw when that day comes. Maybe he'll buy me a new truck or trailer.

Kim and Jeremy came back to the trailer after Cam's baseball school and we had a nice little chat about the schools the boys were going to. Tyler is going to his last golf camp tomorrow and is going to San Antonio with a friend of his and his father to Six Flags after he gets out. We will have to take him home so he can go to his friend's house. Tomorrow may be a busy day for them.

So long.

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