Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Monday August 10, 2009, Green Caye RV park, Dickinson

Both Stella and I slept late this morning. It was after 8 o'clock when I finally struggled out of bed!. I hadn't had my first cup of coffee when Jeremy called Stella because he had locked the keys in the Blazer and needed her to bring him another key. We got dressed and met him at the little convenience store near the house and gave him the key. It's a good thing that Stella had forgotten to give him the second key, but now we can't bail him out when he does this again.

Since we were out before 9, I decided to go get my blood work done at the lab near Dr. Merritt's office. When we got there, we only waited a few minutes before they called me back to stick my arm. I have always had deep veins in my arms and it was no surprise when the lab technician couldn't find one she could stick. She ended up using the back of my hand, which was much more painful for me, but at least I got the sample taken. Now I will make an appointment with the doctor to be yelled at.

We stopped off at the house and picked up the rest of the papers that Stella had pulled out so she can get them shredded. When you think of how much money we pay for checks and simply the cost of paper, she has probably shredded several thousand dollars in the past couple of weeks. This should keep her busy for a few days.

So long.

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