Sunday, August 9, 2009

Saturday August 8, 2009-Green Caye RV Park, Dickinson

Today was another stay in the trailer and watch Stella work days. She shredded papers all day long, but did find some photos that brought back a lot of memories. Pictures of the family, lots of pictures of Tyler and three pictures of Ralphie, my puppy. We took him to Pets Mart several years ago and got him all groomed up and they took pictures of him. He hated the props that they had around him but he stuck in there and let them take his picture. He was the son I never had. We lost him January 24th 2007.

I surfed the net and watched television all day until Stella almost wore out the new shredder. I had to drop what I was doing, get dressed and take her to the Office Depot store to get some lubrication strips for the shredder. I told her that I could just squirt some WD-40 on it, but she said no. Women shouldn't have a say in mechanical things, but being the good husband I am, I put my computer aside and took her to the store. I came back and struggled to get back inside, exhausted from the physical exertion of driving her about 15 miles to the store. Whew, it makes me tired just remembering it.

I came in and took a well-earned nap.

So long.

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