Thursday, August 6, 2009

Saturday August 1-Wednesday July 5, 2009-Green Caye, Dickinson

Not too much exciting stuff going on here. Stella worked all weekend on her client's work and I just piddled around here at the trailer. I spent a lot of time on the computer, reading some of the upcoming laws that are under consideration and some state laws that will be enacted, such as the police can now forcibly remove people from their homes in the case of a mandatory evacuation. Now, to me, what is going to be interesting is some person that just can't stand to leave some of their belongings behind, or in rural areas, have animals that need care, refuses to leave. When that mean old cop comes to the door telling they MUST leave there is going to be a problem. Some old rancher is not going to leave his cattle herd behind and so now what to do? Are they going to fine someone for staying in their own home and not bothering anyone? It is already understood that anyone that chooses to stay will not be rescued if they change their mind during the storm but now with the new law the government can assess the value of the service to come out and assist them. Too much government in my opinion. There are many other laws that are slated to go into effect on Sept. 1. I'm just glad I don't have to go out and enforce some of them.

Why didn't the state legislators pass some useful laws, like secession from the United States? I think this might be something whose time has come. Even if it was brought up for discussion, maybe someone in Washington would start to pay attention. We are the only state to come into the Union as a republic, and we can secede with a positive vote of the people. If we were successful, other states might just follow.

Off my soapbox and back to the blog. Monday we went to the house and made some progress with getting things out. I worked outside on the yard and Stella worked inside. Since getting the grass cut initially, it is not that hard to keep up. It's just that the heat is so bad it makes it miserable to work outside without many water breaks. Better to be safe than sorry I say.

Kim called and asked us to come over to stay with the boys while she and Jeremy went to Ron Carter Chevrolet to look at a car for her. They soon returned because the salesman never showed up. She had called ahead and gotten approved for the loan, so there should not have been a problem, but Todd never showed. They asked for him at the receptionist desk and they paged him but he just never met with them. After about 30 minutes they left and while leaving, he called. He said he had gotten tied up but they were already gone and didn't return. It was nice to spend the time with Tyler and Cameron and eat some pizza with them.

Tuesday was more of the same. Going over to the house and working and getting the receipts and papers together to bring back to shred. I loaded up several boxes of papers to be shredded, but we left them in the truck for now.
We will bring them into the trailer tonight to get them shredded. It's messy but its the easiest way to get rid of old papers with confidential information on it.

Wednesday was just another day of working in the house but we are starting to see less and less papers to destroy. Stella has been working on them a lot and of course, the trailer shows it. It is almost impossible to shred without some of the tiny pieces of paper to fall on the floor. Sine we no longer have a maid to clean up, it is up to us to keep things in line.

We did go back over to Kim's house to keep the boys while Kim and Jeremy went to look at the Avalanche again in Alvin. She had gotten a call from the Internet manager for Ron Carter who promised her that it would be worth her while to come look. This time they stayed longer, but came back in the same cars they took with them. The monthly notes would have been $800 on the new Avalanche and she simply can't afford that. Stella and I had another nice night with the boys and Kim even bought our supper. We went to Ryan's and had a good meal. We went back to their house and watched a little television before Kim got home.

So long.

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