Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday August 30, 2009-Day of rest & laundry, Amarillo

We stayed home today and rested up. Stella made me some more sugar-free cookies this morning and I carried our laundry including sheets and blankets at the free laundromat here at the park. We decided that after two pretty hard days on the road, we deserved a day off and besides that, it's Sunday!

I didn't set up the Dish because we are trying to set out the minimum of equipment in these overnight stops. I miss the TV guide on the dish, but we have cable here and good reception on the regular channels on the batwing antenna. The regular channels are better than the cable because they are digital channels and the cable is analog.

We did meet another nice couple here in the park. We went for a walk around the park after supper and found a Heartland Big Country trailer parked a couple of rows away. We stopped in for me to give them one of my Heartland cards as well as one of our own cards and we had a very nice visit. Dean and Suzanne just bought the Big Country a couple of days ago along with their brand new truck to pull it. Their trailer has a very similar floorplan to ours, and so far they love it. They traded in a Monaco motorhome, which they had for several years. They retired about a year ago and have been traveling.

It is nice and cool here. The temperature was 68 at 9 this morning when I finally went outside, and only got to about 84 with a nice breeze all day long. It got windy in the late evening and we should sleep well. Another travel day tomorrow.

So long.

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