Friday, August 28, 2009

Wednesday August26, 2009-Moving day

We got up pretty early this morning and went back to the house to get the water bed drained. I had hoped for a miracle but the water bed was not drained! We kept trying to get the drain to work but it was hopeless. I then remembered that Ricky had used an electric pump to drain his water bed one time, so I called him. He said that he had gotten his from a tool rental store in the Woodlands but didn't remember the name. We went to the Superior Waterbed store and lo and behold, they rent pumps! We got one and went back to the house and sure enough, in less than an hour, the bed was as dry as we could get it. The man at the store had cautioned us that if we ran out of water and continued to leave the pump on, it would burn the pump up, so when it stopped pumping we were glad to stop it. We finished up the work in the bedroom and made sure the bedroom suite was ready to be picked up. We didn't have time to take it apart for Jackie, but after all, it's free, so I felt that they could do some of the work.

We went home and got the trailer ready to leave. We didn't get away from the park until almost 5 o'clock. When we left the park, I had been worried about hitting the post of the gate at the back of the park. You have to hug the left side of the gate to keep out of the ditch on the right, and I was worried about hitting that post all week long. I pulled up and stopped for the gate to open. When it opened, I got about 3/4 of the way through with the trailer when the whole rig just stopped! I immediately thought the worst had happened but ran around to the back of the trailer and saw that I was some distance from the post. Stella checked the other side and it was fine too. I got back into the truck and tried to get it out of the gate's path and managed to get it out into the street. Even though I was blocking half of the street, I got out and tried to figure out what had happened. We soon found that one of my blocks that I put under the jacks had rolled over, pulling the emergency brake cable and locking the trailer brakes. Let me tell you, those brakes work! I got the pin back into the slot and all was well. On the road at last!

We stopped by the house to pick up some groceries that we had bough and left there. When we arrived, Jeremy was there and had let Jackie and her husband and a friend with a truck in to get the water bed out. We didn't stay long, since they were having so much fun wrestling the mattress. We made good time going up the beltway and arrived at the park a little after 7. We got all set up and went to eat at China Bear because we were both hungry for oriental food, but it was so late the food was pretty bad. We like the China Bear because it has a huge buffet and is in an enormous building but don't get there late at night and expect fresh food. We were full but unsatisfied.

We came back to home and crashed because we were both tired out.

So long.

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