Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday August 29, 2009-Travel day to Oasis RV Park, Amarillo

Here are some photos of some old cars on a trailer coming from a car show that we found in a truck stop where we stopped for a break on our drive today.

Both the car and the truck are very nicely restored and kept. Of course, I don't know who owns these cars but they are fine examples of the old "tin lizzies of many years ago.

Both carry license plates identifying them as "Horseless Carriages". I thought it was interesting and took these photos.
We didn't get up real early to leave this morning. We are so blessed and thankful over our choices in our retirement lifestyle. Even though we had 365 miles to go today, we were able to leisurely eat our breakfast and then go out and take everything down and still make it to Amarillo at a decent time.
I checked under the truck for any more oil leaks but didn't see anything. I don't understand how this is happening, but I'll take it.
The weather here in Amarillo is pleasant. It was warm but there is a nice breeze, so it keeps us pretty cool here.
We ate supper here at the park at a new restaurant that is in the rally hall. It was terrible! The barbecue is made somewhere offsite and brought in for sale. I had a brisket and sausage plate but the sausage turned out to be summer sausage, which doesn't make very good barbecue. Stella had ribs that she said were pretty good, but overall it was terrible. We had planned to eat breakfast there too tomorrow, but thank goodness they're closed on Sunday so we won't have that choice. Not only was the food bad, another patron had come in to get a to-go order. I saw him digging around in the open bowls of condiments to get out onions and peppers. Did he just dump his black water tank at his rig? I don't know either but I don't want to eat food that he's handled.
There are a couple of things that I didn't mention earlier this week, both on Tuesday. I finally got fuel in both of the tanks. I hadn't put any fuel in the big tank since July 15th, but had added fuel to the small tank in the truck twice. It is further proof that we made a good decision to install the big tank.
The second thing that happened on Tuesday was that Stella had found my Superman pendant that I had worn for most of my law enforcement career. Jennifer and Melissa had given a sterling silver Superman pendant and chain to me when we lived in LaMarque and I had had it remade in gold at the Space City Pawn shop that a friend of mine owns. He has a jeweler on staff that does custom work, so I had it done there. I had never taken it off except when swimming for over 20 years but somehow I had lost it. The chain was still around my neck but the pendant was gone. I was heartsick over the loss and had looked all over the house. I thought it may have come off while at work, so it was gone, but I always had the feeling that I could find it in the waterbed at home. Sure enough, when the bed was drained, Stella found it! On Tuesday I took it back to the pawn shop where it was repaired and I am now wearing it again. It kept me safe during many scary situations and I hope it will continue to give me luck from now on.
So long.

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