Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday August 27, 2009-Rayford Crossing

We got up this morning and got ready to take Stella to the Orthopedist in Texas City to have her knee looked at. We stopped off at the bank and cashed my expense check from the state of Texas for testifying in Grand Jury and went to the Dr's office. After less than an hour, she came back out with her knee all better after a shot and a prescription for her disabled placard for the truck. Yippee, we can park close to the doors now! The placard is permanent and all she has to do is to go back in four years and have it renewed. This will help us when we go to the mall and shopping at Wal Mart.

We came on back to the park and stopped off at the Valero to buy some drinks for Ricky and Tommy who were coming to visit. We got back to the park and I put the beer and some sodas on ice to chill them down. Unfortunately, Tommy had decided not to come up this afternoon. He said he has been working hard and just wanted to rest. I can vaguely remember working hard, but it's a very dim memory, and one that I don't want to relive.

Ricky and Dee came over to visit before we went out to eat. Dee is all excited because they can leave next week instead of the week after. They are planning to go to Blue Spruce for three days before coming to Priest Gulch, so we will go visit them there. Blue Spruce is one of our favorite parks and I want to talk to them about workamping there. Did I say that we are excited about going back to Colorado?

While we were visiting at the park, I noticed some oil that had dripped of of my truck. It was fresh oil but I hadn't noticed any oil before, so I moved the truck to make sure it was coming from mine. I moved it twice, and verified that it was indeed coming from my truck. It was too late in the day to get it looked at tonight, but I will take it somewhere in the morning.

We had a nice meal at Hooter's and talked a lot about the trip. Since they are going to Blue Spruce, we could tell the exact way to go. They had thought about going to Albuquerque to spend the night, but that's about 50 miles-one way-out of the way. We showed them a better route and I think they will take it. They took us back home and we looked at my oil slick under the truck. I sure hope this is something simple (and cheap) to fix.

So long.

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