Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Saturday and Sunday August 15th and 16th-Green Caye RV Park

We have been told that Cameron plays baseball this weekend and that we are required to be there, as if we would miss his games. His team was playing fall ball in a tournament against other local teams. The tournament began with five teams playing, but two dropped out leaving only three teams to play. Cameron's team is 10 and 11 year olds, a team from Galveston is all 11 year olds and third team is 9 and 10 year olds. The Galveston team is another selected team and has been playing together for three years, so they are much better (not mention much bigger) than the other boys. They played over two days and the Galveston team dominated. They beat Cam's team in the first game 18-2. The beat the other team 22-4 but Cam's team came back to win their second game against the other team 7-6. They played the same team on Sunday morning but lost 9-7. We found out that the Galveston team won the tournament 22-6. We had left and went back home to cool off. It was HOT out there.

Sunday afternoon after the ball game, Stella and I went to Sam's club and the grocery store to buy supplies for us and for the boys, who come visiting next week. Tyler is going to a golf lesson school at the 9 hole golf course next to this park, so they are coming to visit us for the week.

We came back to the trailer and relaxed after a full weekend of getting sunburned and watching a lot of baseball. It was a nice weekend.

So long.

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