Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday August 12, 2009-Green Caye RV park, Dickinson

Today we had grandson duty. We stayed in the trailer all morning, cleaning up the trailer and the remnants of the shredding, and went to the karate school where the boys were, to pick them up. When I went in to get them, I asked them what they wanted to do for the afternoon and they both said they wanted to go play golf. Tyler has expressed interest in playing and of course, when Tyler wants to play a sport, Cameron wants to play too. We went by their house and picked up their clubs. Jeremy went online and bought a small set of two irons, a putter and a wood for Tyler and manager to put together a set for Cameron to use by cutting down some of his own clubs.

After picking them up, we stopped off at a storage lot in Texas City where we are going to split a storage room with Kim and Jeremy. They are supposed to be taking some of our furniture and of course we have storage in the Woodlands that we will move. There are some other items that we can store there too, so it should work out well.

The boys decided that they wanted to play golf as soon as they got here in spite of the heat. I didn't argue with them about it but it was soon very apparent that they had made a mistake of coming out at 3 o'clock in the afternoon to play golf. They stuck it out and played until about 5 when it clouded up and actually started to rain. All of the regular golfers had come in on their carts to avoid the rain and heavy lightning. We left and went to the local Pizza Inn for their buffet. It was pretty good but I've had better. The boys liked it, and thats all that matters.

We brought the boys home and told Kim about the storage room that we got. She said they would try to come over either tomorrow or Friday and get the items they want to take to storage. We'll see how that works out.....

So long.

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