Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday August 21, 2009-Green Caye RV Park, Dickinson

I'm beginning today with some more photos of the rigs in this park. The top right picture shows someone that has all the comforts of home, their class C motor home, a storage shed beside it, and a carport for their toad vehicle. The other photos show innovative ways to add an air conditioner. I'm sure that some are extra air conditioners for the bedroom, but some may be the main
a/c unit for the rig.

Stella and I slept late this morning. We don't have the boys today, so we don't have to entertain them or fix them coffee and breakfast. She fixed us some of her pigs in a blanket and I added some fresh strawberries to mine. I bought the package of fresh strawberries for the boys to have, but they said they didn't like them. Of course, they haven't tried them before as far as I know. Jeremy has expanded their food a lot since he has been cooking for them. We had some delicious mushroom- smothered steak one night when they were here and believe it or not, they both ate it and loved it.

We decided to stay here and take care of things here, and Stella has an appointment to have her hair cut this afternoon so it is kind of pointless to go to the house and work up a good sweat and then have to stop. I dumped the black water tank, always a fun job, touched up some scratches and dings on the truck and worked around outside this morning while Stella slaved away on the computer, doing doctor work.

I took her to the beauty parlor and dropped her off and came back home and waited on her to get through. I went to get her and she decided to go shopping at the Penney's store. This weekend is the statewide tax free weekend, so it was a major mistake to go shopping. Traffic and parking were terrible and the stores were very crowded. I wouldn't have chosen this time to shop, but Stella wanted to go, so it's my duty to take her where she wants to go, when she wants to go. All husbands should be as good as me......

Stella couldn't find what she wanted at Penney's so we stopped off at the Wal Mart, another mistake. Wal Mart was even busier than Penney's and much more crowded. Let me tell you, don't get in the way of those little old ladies in the power scooters, they will run over you to get a bargain! If I had known I was taking my life in my hands, I would have come more prepared to defend myself.

We got what we needed and started to leave but Stella remembered that she needed to have her watch looked at so she went back into the store. She said she was almost run over in the crosswalk while coming back out to the truck. We had a bit of a problem getting out onto the street because of all the store traffic but we made it.

We made it home and listened to the thunder in the distance again. Every afternoon it has clouded up and thundered but it hasn't rained here in the park. After we had been here for about an hour, guess what, it rained on us. It has been raining for about an hour and a half and let me tell you, it's welcome. I'm sure the ground will soak it up like a sponge.
So long.

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