Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday August 28, 2009-Travel day to RV Ranch, Burleson

This is a sculpture of three deer that are in front of the office to the park. They add a lot to the look of the park.

A large horse reared up at the entrance to the new section of the park. The metal looks like rebar or some other type of metal rod but is not.

A smaller horse reared up on it's hind legs, another beautiful piece. I don't know who the artist was that did the work but it is well done.

A Texas longhorn sculpted out of metal. They spent a lot of money on landscaping at this park.
Here are some pictures of a trailer that burned on site. I'm not sure when the fire occurred. I did hear that no one was home at the time of the fire.

If you look at the roof, you can see that the air conditioner case melted from the fire coming through the roof.

You can't see in all that well, but the inside of the trailer is burned up!

There was some serious fire coming out these windows! It's such a shame that this was someone's pride and joy and looks like a pretty new trailer.

It looks as if the fire may have started in the bedroom. You can see the mattress laying out beside the trailer. I am glad that no one was injured, but the trailer is a total loss.

There was a fire in one of the trailers in the new section of the park.
They installed the tankless water heaters in the cabins, a very nice touch! This way no one in the building will run out of hot water.

This is a photo of some of the duplex cabins and their activity area behind the buildings. It is nice and shady and would be a very nice place to have a small party among the neighbors.

As you can see, we're right across the street from the rally hall. The Boomers are coming in next weekend for their Labor Day rally, so I guess you could say we're breaking the park in for the Boomers this year.

These are nice shady sites, but as you can see, I can't open my awning up all the way because of the tree. It is hot here, but there is a nice breeze, so it's not that bad.

We like this site. We stayed here on our way back from Albuquerque in April in another nearby site. We never got these nice sites when we came to the Boomer rallies in the past, but the nice thing about this weekend is that there are few people in the park because the kids are back in school.

Above and below you will see the oil spots that the truck made on the parking space at Rayford. I had it checked out and it's not as bad as I thought. We stopped off at Ripley's Auto Service but they said their diesel mechanic, a man named Jake, has opened his own shop. I called him and he gave me directions to his shop. When we got there, Jake said it is crankcase blowby and could be normal or it could be a result of wear to the piston rings. I'll have more testing done when we return to Houston.

We made good time on the road today. We only made one stop at the rest area near Richland. The Coke machine took my money and didn't give me the product, but I guess they needed that dollar more than I did. I won't make that mistake again.
I kept an eye on the temperature and oil pressure for the whole trip and nothing seemed to be out of range. I hope the truck continues to perform well. We really don't want to buy a new truck right now.
Tomorrow is another big travel day to Amarillo. We plan to stay there two days to do laundry and to rest up from two hard days on the road. From there we go to Espanola New Mexico for one night and then on to Priest Gulch. We are so looking forward to arriving in Colorado and its cool temperatures.
Wish us luck on the truck.
So long.

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