Thursday, August 27, 2009

Saturday and Sunday August 22 & 23, 2009, Green Caye, Dickinson

These two days were very boring days. We stayed in the trailer and didn't do too much of anything. Stella worked on her client's books and I went over to the house and worked some. I brought the two big boxes of shred items back to the trailer for Stella to work on. We have certainly gotten our money out of that shredder. I wonder what the trash guys probably think about all the shredding we have done this month. We have had two or three big trash bags for them to pick up just about every day-Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I guess it all worked out okay though, we stimulated the economy by buying the shredder, we use more electricity by using it, and keep the trash guys busy picking up the trash. I'm sure we'll get a letter from your president commending us for our work. Now if I could just get him to buy the house everyone would be very happy!

I told you these two days were boring!

So long.

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