Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tuesday September 29, 2009-Priest Gulch campground

Today we took a ride up through Ridgeway and down through Durango, making a 240 mile loop by the time we got back to the park. Here you see one of the mountain views on Hwy. 145 between the park and Ridgeway.
I took this shot at the Bear Creek area.

Here is Bear Creek plunging out of the mountains, under the highway and down into the valley below. Again, the pictures don't do this justice.
Here is Ouray Colorado, the Little Switzerland of the Rockies. This is a beautiful little town high in the mountains.

Here you see some of the color in Ouray, seen from the highway coming into the town from the east (from Durango).

It looks as if God painted stripes onto the side of the mountain in the form of trees.

More beautiful golden trees amid the green pines. Gorgeous!

Here is a real treat, the yellow and gold trees, orange shrubs on the side of the slope and green trees in the background.

More yellows and golds on the side of a mountain.

More gold slopes with blue skies and white fluffy clouds as the background.

This was taken at the site of an old mine shaft, the remnants of which can be seen among the gold trees. We can only imagine what this must have looked at years ago when the mine was in operation.

Before we left on our drive, our friends Peggy and Len left for Albuquerque and soon after Dick and Eugena also left. It left almost all of our end of the park empty. Gene and Linda said it was the emptiest they have ever seen the park.
When we finished up our drive, we went home and ate a light supper and went to Gene and Linda's where they had built another campfire. Some other friends Don and Marilyn came by to enjoy the fire with us. They are staying in a cabin at the park and were leaving for home the next day. Linda made us some of her "special deluxe coffee" which was decaffeinate coffee, powdered chocolate and Carolann's liqueur. They were quite tasty and were especially good in the cold mountain air. We stayed at the fire until about 9 o'clock and turned in.
So long.

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