Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday July 30, 2011-Newberry KOA

This was about as laid-back a day as we've had in a long time. We slept late in air conditioned comfort, and when we woke, we leisurely drank a pot of coffee and Stella made us breakfast. After breakfast we sat out in the shady front yard and read our books. Very nice way to start the day! We have done everything and gone to see everything in this area, so we are done with traveling until we go to Munising on Tuesday.

Jim, the maintenance man from the park dropped by to check on our electrical problem and we told him that we haven't had any more issues. He said to let the office know if we had any problems and they would contact him. He told me again that if we chose to move to one of the non-sewer sites, he would come by and drain the tanks with the park's pumper truck. What service! We will have to change sites on Monday due to a reservation in our present site but won't need Jim's pump-out services.

After reading for a couple of hours, I came back inside and got caught up on reading the blogs that I follow and finished my own entry. Later in the afternoon I took a nice long walk around the park and set up our gas grill for supper to be cooked. Most of the other trailers around us had left but a couple of the sites were later filled by late-comers.

About five o'clock, it clouded up and later we got a very nice shower that made the early evening very nice. I went out around nine o'clock and checked on everything and enjoyed the night air. There is a class C motorhome that just pulled in. I don't envy them coming in late and in wet and muddy conditions. Glad our days of doing that are over.

So long.

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