Monday, February 4, 2013

Friday February 1, 2013-Retama Village

Today a group of Heartlanders went over to Nuevo Progresso Mexico at the Progresso border crossing. This is the crossing that we've been using for years and as far as I know, there hasn't been any problems here.

Photo: Crossing over

Back row: Jim, me, Kevin
Front row: Kelly, Michael, Stella and Nelly
for some reason, Nancy, Jim's wife, didn't make it into the photo. I think our volunteer photographer must have cut her out of the picture.

We had a delightful meal at Rene's Bakery with most having Mexican dishes but I had breakfast, which I love. After lunch we went into a barber/beauty shop and everyone but Nancy and I got a haircut. Kelly and Michael had pedicures but if I get one, it will be a later trip over. We strolled around the streets and Jim and Nancy made some purchases of some yard art for their home in Tennessee. Most of us bought medicines but no one bought any liquor.

We crossed back into the US without too many problems. One of our group was questioned, but was allowed in, so all is well. Six of us stopped off at the Dairy Queen that was still offering the BOGO (buy one-get one free) and enjoyed a Blizzard to celebrate coming home. Michael and Kelly were still getting hair cuts and pedicures, so they didn't make it with us. We went back home to rest for a bit before going over to Jim and Nancy's trailer where he worked on the upcoming rally. We helped some and he soon had everything worked out and was ready to begin registering. I was amazed to learn how fast the rally went! It was later learned that in less than 24 hours, 213 Heartlanders had signed up for the rally!

While sitting around enjoying some "adult beverages" we had some good fun with Kevin, who ended up on the floor because his chair collapsed. I know it could have been dangerous, but it was funny and he wasn't injured. It has been SO much fun to spend time with our friends.

So long.

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