Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday February 11, 2013-Moving Day-Retama Village to Buckhorn Lake Resort, Kerrville

I purposely skipped a Sunday entry because all we did was prepare to leave on Monday. Stella washed up our clothes at Bentsen Palms (next door) and I put a few things away, including the large trash dumpster back into the coach house. I then took the keys back to Eddy, Ken and Kathy's friend who lives down the street. 

We got an early start on Monday morning, but we had all agreed to meet at the rest stop just after the Border Patrol checkpoint near Falfurrias TX. We intended to leave about 9 but it was 9:15 when we pulled out. It's an easy drive and we made good time with no slowdowns or stops. 

It seemed like before we knew it, we were at the rest stop meeting up with our friends who had been waiting. They had gotten up even earlier than us, and had been on the road much earlier than we were. They didn't mind waiting for us, so after a quick stop, we were all packed up and ready to go. We agreed to stop at a truck stop along the way and found a Love's station just past Three Rivers TX. We all got something to eat but when pulling back out onto the highway, who should we see but our friend Jim McGee and his wife Bette. They pulled in between me and Roy and rode with us until just before San Antonio when they turned off to pick up something to eat.

We didn't stop again until we got to the park, where we saw many of our other Heartland friends who had already arrived. It didn't take too long before we were all set up. A group of friends were going to eat at a local restaurant, but we were still full from the truck stop meal, so we stayed here and visited with Pat and Lori and later Jim and Bette came over. We had a nice chat with all of them before retiring for the night.

I've got to tell you about the weather changes. When we left Mission the temperature was about 70, a normal temp for south Texas. Incidentally, yesterday was a blistering hot day in Mission with temps reaching 100 degrees! We had to turn on  both air conditioners to keep cool. Back to the present, we knew it was going to be cooler in Kerrville, but when we got here, the temperature was 55 degrees! Not really all that cold, but going from 100 one day to 55 was a shocker! We'll be in these cooler temps all week here. Maybe by the time we get back to Houston, things will be back to normal. I'm ready for winter to be over.

So long.

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