Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunday February 17, 2013-Buckhorn Lake Resort

Sunday morning, Nelly made more muffins but we weren't very hungry, so we didn't go over. We just stayed in and began getting things ready to go tomorrow when we leave for Rockport. Stella got our clothes gathered up and went to wash them while I stayed home and started putting things away. I did the usual stuff, taking down the porch and stairs and generally picking things up and putting them in their travel position.

I stopped by and talked with Terry Nance, an old friend from the Texas Boomers. He has been one of the founders of the Sweetheart rally and it was good to catch up with my old friend. He has a ranch in the south Texas area that has been the center of the latest oilfield rush. Lucky guy... He has lived in his town all his life, but it thinking about moving away because of all the activity in town. It's sad to see, but I can see his point.

Sunday evening, we went to the rally hall for the final dinner of the rally- a potluck- with anyone that wanted to bring something to cook on the large grill outside. Stella cut the remainder of our steak off the bone from the other night's 32 ounce steak. She cooked it up with some peppers and onions and put it all on a tortilla, which we ate with the veggie potluck dishes. It was a delicious meal and we had a good time visiting with both old and new friends. A couple of games of dominoes broke out after the meal was finished but we were tired of playing and went back home. Stella worked some more on getting things ready to go in the morning.

It has been a great rally and we enjoyed meeting new folks and seeing old friends. We will return!

So long.

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