Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Monday February 25, 2013-Moving day-Woodland Lakes RV Park to Oasis RV Resort

I woke this morning, watching the television weather and traffic reports with interest. I had heard that we were getting a cold front through this morning and that rain was expected. Of course, the news media says "Severe Weather" in that big voice, to frighten everyone listening, but if you listen carefully, the chance of rain was about 40% and expected to be east of I-45, so the Severe Weather wasn't so much after all. What was very interesting was a traffic accident that had backed traffic up to the Rayford-Sawdust exit and the wait time was approximately an hour and a half. Wow!

We decided to put off our leaving time for a bit, so I began packing up about 8:30, with a projected departure time of 10. We made it almost exactly on time, pulling out of the park about 10 minutes after 10. The traffic backup had disappeared and we breezed through without slowing down. In fact, we were in Dickinson, about 10 miles from the park exactly an hour after leaving. That 70 mile tow seemed like a breeze!

When we arrived, we learned that the site that we had been promised was still taken, so we chose another site after asking GM David what he wanted us to do. We got all set up and were relaxing when we got a visit from Stacy, the park manager. She said that the site we were in was the longest in the park (which we had noticed) and that it had been promised to another customer and that we would have to move. We finished up the move about 4 and relaxed for awhile before fixing some soup and a sandwich for supper. We were hungry because we hadn't eaten all day!

Kim called and we went over to visit them. The boys were glad to see us and it was good to spend time with them. We learned that Tyler has two band performances on Saturday in Texas City and Cameron has a baseball tournament on Sunday in Katy, so there goes our weekend! It's been a long time since we've seen them play, and we will have fun with them. Looking forward to the weekend!

So long.

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Michael Barnett said...

I sure hope they compensated you for having to move! A few night maybe!