Sunday, February 24, 2013

Saturday February 23, 2013-Woodland Lakes RV Park

It was cool this morning and both of us slept in. Cold weather sure makes for good sleeping! When I got up, I found an email from S. Texas Chapter Leader Tom and Marti, asking if we wanted to get together for lunch. They are in our area today, so we agreed to meet at The Sweet Tomato restaurant, one of my favorite places to eat when in Houston. It was their first time to go and I think they enjoyed it. We had a great meal and spend about two hours chatting after our meal. It was a nice way to spend the lunch hour(s).

We hadn't been home for very long before Tommy and Susan called, asking us if we wanted to meet them for supper. Well, it had been about three hours since we had eaten, so we met them at the 3B's Burger place near Rayford. They have great burgers and Stella and I split one, since we had eaten not long ago. After our meal, we went over to Rayford where they were staying. We sat outside in the cool evening and had a nice visit with them. I've gotta admit that it did feel good to be back at Rayford. Maybe someday...

So long.

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