Friday, February 15, 2013

Thursday February 14, 2013-Buckhorn Lake Resort

It is still cold here in Kerrville. My thermometer showed 35 degrees but the official temp was 32, so either way, it was cold!At least it warmed up soon and was a beautiful day with blue skies and a nice temperature.

A good group of us, about 20 or so, drove over to Boerne to the Tweety's store to do some shopping for RV parts and equipment. Stella and I did not find anything we couldn't live without, so nothing was bought. I recently learned that they are moving the store from this location to Bulverde TX where the business began. Apparently they don't do enough in walk-in sales. Most of their business is done by phone or on the Internet.

We came back home to get cleaned up to go to the Valentine celebration steak dinner. We are amazed at the quality of these 32 ounce T-bone steaks. They are all the same size, and cooked to perfection. One side is more done (doner?) than the other, so you have a choice of medium or well done, but both taste really good.

A large group stayed to play more dominoes tonight, but since I had stayed up past midnight the night before, I went home. I didn't feel to well anyway, so I went home and stayed with the puppies and tried to keep them warm. We went to bed before 10 and were snuggled in the bed when Stella got home about 12:30. I only know what time it was because the dogs woke me when they jumped up to see who was coming in. Luckily it was only Stella. I would have hated to see someone lose a leg or something to these ferocious dogs. They are killers! Especially when they are woke up.

So long.

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Ted and Donna said...

I think you didn't feel good because you ate 2 lbs. of steak!