Monday, February 4, 2013

Sunday February 3, 2013-Retama Village

We drove over to South Padre Island for the Kite Fest. I have spent a good amount of time on the island when I was working for the City of Missouri City, attending conferences and executive committee meetings. It was a nice time and always enjoyed the trips.

Welcome to the final Kite Fest on South Padre Island!

As you can see, there were a lot of people there to watch the kites!  We all had brought lawn chairs (thank goodness!) and had a nice time watching the antics of the kite flyers.

On one side were the larger kites that were fixed to a vehicle or another structure. The announcer said that these are impossible to hold and use climbing ropes and professional-grade equipment to fly. 

 They are beautiful and colorful and fun to watch. The video below is amazing! Each kite is controlled by an individual, and I am totally surprised at how close they fly and how well choreographed they are.

I took several videos of the kites and if you'd like a copy, please let me know.

We stopped off at Dirty Al's for a delicious seafood dinner. We were all stuffed when we left! Jim checked out a few Munzees on the way back home but we didn't find any. We were within a few feet of one, but couldn't spot it. It was our first time to play and seems to be an interesting way to pass some time. I'm not sure whether we'd ever play, but thank you Jim for showing us how it is done.

So long

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Melissa said...

No Munzees, Geocaching! :)