Sunday, February 10, 2013

Saturday February 9, 2013-Retama Village

Jim and Nancy left this morning, so after seeing them off, we met Roy and Sally & Kevin and Nelly at the border crossing into Mexico. The first stop we made was at Rene's Bakery for a quick meal. Michael and Kelly couldn't come with us because Michael had invited us over to their place this afternoon, so he had to stay home and clean up to get ready for their guests.

Here's the "gang", chowing down on some delicious Mexican food. We all enjoy the food over here and have never had a problem with eating and drinking. The restaurants are careful to serve only bottled water that is delivered to the table unopened, but Stella and I drink coffee, even though it's not prepared in front of us. We've never had a problem from drinking it across the border. Many other winter Texans also drink coffee, and we've heard no problems.

And the band played on... This trip plays at Rene's and we've heard them several times. I also saw them walking along the street this afternoon. They seemed to be playing (for tips) but I was inside and couldn't hear them.

Here I am, getting my very first ever pedicure. I know the ladies get them and seem to love the way their feet feel after, but although they didn't hurt me at all, it didn't really feel all that "wonderful" to me.  I'll have another one the next time we're here.

That girl seems to be paying special attention to Stella's feet.  

Here is a sunrise picture, taken out the back window of the trailer. We are lucky here that we don't have any neighbors beside us and a green belt behind, so we don't have to close the blinds. We're gonna miss this place.

I am very sorry that I haven't said anything about fellow blogger and retired Police Chief Sam Weibel's wife Donna who recently had heart surgery. I want to wish Donna well and offer prayers for her recovery.

So long.

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Sam&Donna Weibel said...

No apologies necessary, and thanks for the prayers,I truly believe they are what counts. Donna is doing fine and is resting at home and looking better each day.I have been enjoying following you guys and your activities in Texas, Hope fully one day we will meet, or you guys can stop by the ranch if you get up this way. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.