Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Monday February 4, 2013-Retama Village

Stella fixed biscuits with jelly and sausage this morning and Jim and Nancy brought some scrambled eggs, so the four of us had a delicious breakfast to start the day. Cassie and Tramp were left outside while we ate but they didn't mind, they were too busy barking at the walkers and other doggies that were walking by. It is really nice that Ken and Kathy have a cable attached to the coach house for a dog run. Tramp and Cassie like it because they can get outside and run around for a bit and get plenty of fresh air.

We met our old friends Tom and Judy at Cheddar's restaurant this afternoon. We had a nice visit with them during supper and decided to change our dessert location from Dairy Queen to Marble Slab which was nearby. Kevin and Nellie & Roy and Sally met us there, so we had a party! It was good to see Tom and Judy again after they moved out to Edinburg, quite a distance from Mission.

Tom and Judy went home but the rest of us came over to Jim and Nancy's to sit outside and chat until the winds sent me in a bit earlier than the rest of the group. I have been feeling poorly for the past few days and the wind, which is a constant down here, caused my nose to run and made my cough worse, so I came inside and kept the doggies company. The dogs and I went to bed early and I covered up to sweat out my cold, and apparently it worked because I feel much better today.

Our little group will start to break up soon with several of us going to Kerrville for the Sweetheart rally. We will be leaving next Monday but it's a short drive. We'll be looking forward to seeing some other friends there.

So long.

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