Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday February 19, 2013-Ancient Oaks RV Park & Campground

We were supposed to meet a group of Heartlanders this morning at The Bakery Cafe in downtown Aransas Pass but when we got there, it was closed for remodeling. I called Karen to ask and learned that she had changed the location to Moby Dick's Restaurant on Port Aransas island across the bay from  Aransas Pass. I soon learned that my camera was missing the memory card, so all the pictures are from my phone.

We rode the ferry across to the island, the first time I've been on a ferry for a long time. When I was a kid in Galveston I rode the ferry often, over to the Bolivar Peninsula. The ferries in Galveston are much larger and there is only one boat in the dock at a time. Here there are four docks but today only two were operating. With the smaller boats, they run the short distance pretty fast and the wait wasn't very long between boats.

Here is our boat coming into the dock. I didn't notice or photograph the boat's name but it was interesting to me to compare the boats here to Galveston.

 Here are Stella and I at the entrance to the gift shop at Moby Dick's. I think the fellow beside us has been there for awhile.

 Here we are, about to get bitten by the huge shark in front of a place called Destination. It is a typical tourist-trap place selling tee shirts and other tourist items.

On our way back across to the mainland. Our breakfast was very good and the service was excellent. Good job Karen, choosing this place for breakfast.

We rode with Don and Monica today. He and his family own a house in Rockport so he is very familiar with the area. He took us on a tour of Rockport and Fulton and ended up at the Goose Island state park. Here you see the Goose Island Oak, which is estimated at being 1500 years old and is the oldest and certified as the largest live oak tree in Texas.

 These are some of the "babies" of the big oak tree. They, and several other live oaks are near their "mother tree" and have a very interesting root structure. With the drought, the roots are above the surface of the ground and are so close to each other, it is impossible to tell which tree they belong to.
Here is Stella standing below the park sign. In the background you can see the fishing pier that is also a feature of the park. Goose Island is a very small state park at 307 acres. There are few RV sites and none that we saw with full hookups. I am sure that this is because they are on an island and cannot take a chance on a sewage spill or leak. Without knowing more about the amenities, I don't think this is a place that we'd stay, but we have friends that wanted to work camp here.

We came home and relaxed until supper time. We decided to go with Don and Monica to Charlotte Plummer, a seafood restaurant in Fulton. The group was going to The Boiling Pot but neither Don nor I wanted only boiled food for supper, so we chose the other location. The food was good and we enjoyed our meal together. After supper we returned home, full and content. It had been a great day and we are looking forward to tomorrow.

So long.

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