Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wednesday January 30, 2013-Retama Village

Today was another of our big events in the valley, the dealer open house at the Ron Hoover RV store. I was worried at first about a low turnout, but as you can see below, it was anything but low!

As you can see, everyone seemed to have a good time and they enjoyed their free lunches. We estimated that we had between 150 & 160 in attendance. 
Here are the Hoover employees that worked hard to make us feel welcome and serve some very tasty burgers and dogs.

Hoover got a Landmark San Antonio for the open house and there was a lot of interest in it. Several members said they may be in the market for this rig, but so far, no purchases. They may buy from their local dealer when they go home, so I guess from Heartland's view, a sale is a sale.

About eight of us stayed after the show was over, visiting among ourselves and with other customers that came in. We didn't leave until about 3 o'clock, and went to the local Dairy Queen for a snack before going home. They had a special buy one-get one free sale so we all enjoyed a nice ice treat treat. Of course I had only milk with fruit but it was disguised as a Blizzard. That's my story!

So long.

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