Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Monday November 16, 2009-Rayford Crossing

We had another big crowd for coffee this morning. Warren's daughter and son in law stopped by on their way to work so we had to set up another table to handle the new folks.

Stella cleaned the big pot that we had used for the hobo stew after we had breakfast and worked for her clients all morning while I surfed the Internet. I am working on another Heartland luncheon in the valley in February and was in contact with Jim B. about some of the arrangements. This past Feb. we had 63 people at the luncheon in McAllen but I don't know how many to expect this year.

This afternoon, Stella cut my hair off. I have been wanting to go with a bald look for awhile because I like the look and because so many of my friends have been diagnosed with cancer and this is my way of honoring them. After I shave my head, I will take a photo to show you what I look like with a bald head.

I'm told that a man inherits his hair from his grandfathers. Grandpa Coffman had white thick hair and Grandaddy Chandler was almost completely bald with a small amount of white hair on the sides. I guess it's true because mine was a combination of the two; was very thin on top and most of what I had was white or silver. It is very very short now while I get used to it. I took a little kidding from my friends here in the park right after she got through but I like it so far.

We stayed inside and watched television for the rest of the night. Another peaceful night in the park.

So long.

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