Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wednesday November 18, 2009-Rayford Crossing

Here I am sporting my new "do". I have wanted to honor my friends as well as everyone that is battling cancer, and this is my way of doing so. Some time ago, I got this idea when I read about a man that had shaved his head when his son was diagnosed with cancer. I don't have any sons, and luckily none of my children or grandchildren have been stricken with this disease, so this is my small way of showing solidarity with other cancer victims.

I walked around the park this morning after doing the "shave job" and was surprised at how much difference it made to be outdoors without hair and how cold the air felt. I stopped by and visited with Jimmy and Dana, one of the cancer victims here in the park.

Stella stayed inside and worked on her computer for her clients. She has been working a lot for them lately and I am very proud of her for doing this. Not only because we can use the money she brings in, but simply because she can remain focused on them and stick with their program and not just sit back in a retired mode and forget about the doctors and their practices. She could easily just sit outside and visit with people in the park but she stays inside and after her work and I am thankful for it.

About noon, I took the clothes down to the washateria for her. She read her book while our clothes washed. When she got through washing, she called me and I walked back to carry our now-clean clothes back home. It wasn't long after she got back home that we had to get ready to go down for the happy hour before the baked potato supper that was put on in the rally hall. We sat with our friends John and Jan and their daughter Ann who brought her children, ages 1 and 4. We had a nice time visiting with them and fun to watch the little ones with all their energy. John and Jan used to go to Durango Colorado so we had those locations and attractions in common. After finishing our meal, we sat around talking to our friends and came on back home to watch a little TV before going to bed.

So long.


Ted and Donna said...

I couldn't read your post. There was some kind of a glare!!

Jay said...

Now thats just mean....

Rick and Brenda said...

I've got a skid lid you can borrow if your head gets cold