Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saturday November 14, 2009-Rayford Crossing

We started the morning having coffee in the Lone Star room. We were also having breakfast in the same room, prepared by Frank and Nancy, so Jim had come down and made coffee in the small pot for us coffee drinkers to sip on and Frank made his coffee for the breakfast in the bigger pot. There is a rally in the park this weekend but they are making their own breakfast in the Rayford room. Stella stayed down in the Lone Star room for awhile visiting with the other ladies there. I came home and watched television-I have a group of TV shows on Saturday morning-Powerblock TV. I have been watching these shows for a few years and although I like the theme of the shows, it has been very interesting to watch the change of the characters. Just about the time I get used to the character and think they are doing well, I turn the show on and the character is gone. I'll probably never understand.
Stella came home and made cookies for me. She makes the absolute best sugar-free cookies. Some she makes with chocolate chips and some are like the pecan sandies with pecans and sometimes she makes them with coconut and pecans. She can make them any way she wants because I LOVE THEM!!
I worked on the water problem that we had last night. I didn't find a problem with the water filter like I thought it would, so I put it all back together and it works fine now. The only thing I can think of is that I suspended the hose off the ground when the lawn guys came by on Wednesday and I must have gotten the hose in some kind of a bind that cut the water flow off. Stella made cornbread for tonight's Hobo Stew meal that we are having. It is another "street meal" with the park shutting down a small section of the road so we can set up heaters and fire pits and everyone eats around the fire. I was put in charge of the medal preparations, so I along with several others, brought chairs, tables, fire pits, heaters, the burner for cooking the stew and the stew pot. The park furnished the cooking equipment and the meat and the winter Texans furnished the veggies and desserts. It was a fine meal and everyone had a very good time.

Here is everyone getting ready to eat the Hobo Stew. Thanks go to Diane, Judy, Faye, Valle and Stella for fixing the stew and to all the other cooks that brought both ingredients for the stew and prepared food.

Everyone enjoying their food. The weather was just about perfect, with cool dry weather at night. The skeeters didn't give us too much trouble as long as we stayed out of the grass. When we didn't, they got all stirred up and bit the heck out of everyone around, so we pretty well stayed off the grass. When Jerry lit off the fire pits, that got rid of a lot of the skeeters too.

Diane and Jerry brought out their small Margarita machine. There were some leftover 'ritas that we had gotten out of the freezer, so everyone that wanted one had a cocktail.

Here is Judy serving up some of the stew. Actually, she gave this one to me and it was delicious. I put some of Stella's cornbread on top and chowed down.

We sat out by the fire until after nine, proving that retirees can stay out late. I still hate this new time, but I guess I'll get used to it eventually. Probably in April when we change back to daylight savings time.

So long.

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