Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Monday November 2, 2009-Rayford Crossing

The coffee drinkers are starting to arrive. We had six for coffee this morning and expect more tomorrow. Warren and Judy will be in later today and Mack and his wife and Pete and Jean will be in later this week.

We went over to see Lin and Peggy before they left this morning. They had invited us over for supper yesterday but we had to take Tyler back home and then take the boys out to eat. We didn’t get back to the park until about 8:30 so they were inside already.

I want to talk a little bit about this guy that lives at my house that seems to be going deaf. Well, maybe not deaf, but close enough. I guess there were just too many times he went out shooting guns without hearing protection or had siren blowing right over his head that it has affected his hearing. It would be an admission of getting old for him to admit he is deaf and break down and wear a hearing aid, but he just simply can’t hear all that well.

His grandsons seem to take great delight in whispering, especially when they are not right in front of him where he can at least try to read their lips. He watches these ads on television about cheap hearing devices, but they seem like a toy, and really, how good can something be if it only costs $19.95 and if you call in the next 20 minutes or was that 30 minutes, the shipping is free. He thinks that offers like this should be written on the screen so he would know just exactly how long he can wait to get free shipping.

I expect that someday his children will get tired of hearing him say Huh? Or what’d you say? And buy him some kind of hearing assistance device. See I didn’t call it a hearing aid, so don’t call me old either. So much for my speech about hearing.

Our good friends Warren and Judy came in this afternoon about 2:30. I went over to see them when they came in and helped Frank to move their old trailer out of their space into another space. It didn’t take long and they will soon be all set up for the winter.

Johnny, the repair guy from Northwest RV came by this afternoon to repair the refrigerator. It didn’t take him long to replace the circuit board but he asked me to pay him for an additional 30 minutes of labor for the 4-5 trips he has made out here trying to figure out what is wrong with the fridge. I guess it’s worth $55 for me not having to take the trailer into a shop to have the fridge worked on. He showed me how to remove the front “eyebrow” cover to get to the circuit board. I think that even I, with my very limited skills for repairs, can do this one. Especially if it saves me $165.00. Living on a fixed income and all that…..

Bob said he needed to take Big Mama out to “exercise” her and invited Stella and I to go with him. I was very impressed with her; the power, smoothness and stopping ability are obvious and I could certainly see the reasons for getting one like this, but Stella isn’t buying it. With her bad knees, getting up into the cab would be very difficult for her, the need for a second vehicle is another strike against her and I can’t really justify buying this big a truck. I guess I’m going to be driving my truck for awhile.

Well I guess I better go now, I’ve got to make a telephone call to make to save some shipping costs.

So long.

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Melissa said...

Do Jennifer and I need to start Christmas shopping early for you? I mean, for the "guy that lives at your house"? Can you, I mean, HE make it that long? :-D