Friday, November 27, 2009

Wednesday November 25, 2009-Rayford Crossing

We hung out at home after I finished coffee. Stella still had a few things she needed to do for her clients, so she worked on that in the morning. We went to the grocery store to buy for the Thanksgiving feast at the park and to buy groceries, which we haven't done for a few days. We came back home and put our groceries away and watched many other rigs pulling into the park for the holiday weekend. Eddie and Kelly pulled in and we talked to them for awhile before going home to get ready for bingo.

We went down to play in the rally hall at 7 but sadly we didn't win any money tonight. We still had a good time with our friends and congratulated the winners. Our friend Peg won the big pot tonight, and her grand daughter was cute, playing the game. There were several people playing tonight with children which is normal for a holiday time.

We went over to Eddie and Kelly's where they had started a fire. Kelly's nephew Michael and his wife Becky came over with their two children. The kids are very cute but it was cold for them to be out, so the kids didn't stay out too long. It was nice to catch up on Brazoria County news with Eddie since we worked a few cases together. Eddie is an Investigator with the Sheriff's office. Eddie and Cody, their son are going to the deer lease tomorrow after the Thanksgiving dinner, so I invited him to come have coffee with us in the morning.

So long.

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