Thursday, November 26, 2009

Monday November 23, 2009-Rayford Crossing

The only thing we did today was that Stella worked in the trailer on doctor stuff. I tried to stay out of her way and stayed outside as much as I could. About 11, Stella decided to go down and wash clothes. I carried the clothes down for her and returned to the trailer to play on the computer. She called me about 3 to come get the clothes and bring them home.

We went to a Margarita Monday at 4 in the rally room. These are sponsored by the park and we bring snack foods to munch on. These are all about us just getting together and visiting with the winter Texans here in the park and anyone else that's in the park and wants to come. I am disappointed in the number of people in the park that don't come to these activities. They are free except for whatever food is brought, so money shouldn't be a factor. I guess there there are people that are not all that sociable. We enjoy getting together with friends. We sat at a table with Bob Anderson who is giving a seminar on Thanksgiving Day on writing your memoirs. He is an interesting man who ran a newspaper in Missouri before he retired. We enjoyed meeting him and his wife Carol. They are staying here until March, so I hope to see him again in the park before we leave. Its hard to believe that we've been here over six weeks and only have about three weeks left to stay here.

So long.

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