Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wednesday November 11, 2009-Rayford Crossing

I woke this morning and went to the rally hall for coffee as usual. About 7:30, I noticed Bob out loading their Smart car onto their truck Big Mama. I went out and watched him get loaded up and then walked down to talk to him and Christina as they loaded their trailer to leave. They made several of the men and and one of the wives come over to look closer at their rig I think most of the men want a big truck like Big Mama but like me, they can't convince their wife to buy one. I can justify one all I want, but with Stella's bad knees, I'll never get to buy one. I've been a good boy this year, so maybe Santa will get me a new truck. They pulled out shortly and make for a very impressive outfit.

They plan to drive about halfway to Harlingen and stop for the night. They can sleep in the truck, using their small generator and air conditioner to keep them comfortable. They really do have all the comforts in the truck, but I'm still not going to get one.....

After they pulled out, Stella and I went down for her to see Dr. Gulde at the hospital in Texas City. I sat in the parking lot and read a book that I had brought along. Let me tell you, the weather is spectacular this time of year. No rain, just a very few clouds in the sky and about 77-78 degrees with a nice cool breeze blowing makes it easy to sit in the truck reading. When Stella got through, we ran some more errands in the area. We went by the house and picked up the mail and called a company to check on getting the yard mowed. Since we have decided to keep the house until the market comes back a little more, we need to get it and keep it mowed.

We picked up Tyler and Cameron at the karate school where they go after getting out of school and took them home. Tyler wanted to go to Uncle Chan's for supper, so that is where we went. I can tell a definite difference in the boys and they are growing up. They still insist on whispering around me, so nothing has changed there.

I am so proud of these boys, they have their adult lives and careers all planned out. Tyler wants to be a veterinarian and of course Cam can't see anything other than playing baseball. Both of those careers make a lot of money, so perhaps they'll buy me my big truck. Maybe I should try to stay on their good side?

So long.

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