Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monday November 9, 2009-Rayford Crossing

Today was another stay in the park and hang out with our friends day. Stella and I did run one little errand and went to the bank to deposit our check from Camping World and stopped at Wal Mart to pick up a few items. When we got home, we went to the Rayford room where there was to be a Margarita Monday get together and then some games of LCR. Instead of chips, it is played with quarters (or dollars for the high rolling players). I seldom play but Stella loves to play and occasionally wins some money. She never shares the money she wins with me but it does make her happy and out of my hair for awhile.....LOL

When she got home from the games-she said she didn't win-we went to meet Ted and Donna and later Rick and Brenda at the Sweet Tomato restaurant in the Woodlands. It was a good choice because we all enjoy the restaurant. We came back home and watched television for the rest of the evening.

I didn't mention yesterday that I met another Heartland owner here in the park. I met Mary Ann, who had just come in from Eagle Colorado. She and her husband plan to stay here for awhile. They are the owners of a Bighorn 3055, similar to our old trailer that we traded in for this one. She said that they haven't had any major problems with this trailer but haven't been able to use it as much as they wanted to. Until now, that is. I gave them one of the Heartland contact cards and also one of my personal cards for contact information. I look forward to seeing them around the park.

So long.

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