Monday, November 23, 2009

Saturday November 21, 2009-Rayford Crossing

I woke this morning and went down to the rally hall expecting to have to make the coffee because I thought Jim would stay home. He had asked me if I was making coffee, and took that to mean that he wouldn't be down. He was there when I got down there but had only made about half a pot of coffee since Frank and Nancy would be making coffee for the breakfast.

When Frank arrived, he immediately complained that someone had changed his timer and that it had not come on at the time he set it for. Neither Jim nor I even knew that Frank had left his timer in the cabinet and we were the only ones that were in the hall since he had left last night after bingo. He had a hard time finding a lot of his supplies, but he finally got it together and breakfast was prepared. We all had a good time at breakfast but several, including me, were a little disappointed that we didn't have breakfast burritos as promised but the pancakes were good.

It was cool and rainy today, so we just stayed inside. I watched my car shows on television and Stella did stuff for her doctors. I know she uses her phone a lot to exchange text messages with Dr. Gulde. Some time in the middle of the day, I had an idea to go to Mel's Diner for supper. I went around and spread the word to our friends in the back of the park, and ten of us agreed to meet around 5 o'clock. Carl and Faye rode with us, Pete and Jean rode with Warren and Judy and Jim and Rita brought their two grandsons from their school where they had gone to watch them play soccer. We had a great time at Mel's and while there, I remembered that today was exactly one year since I retired.

This has been a wonderful year for us. We left our house the day I retired and have only slept in the house twice since then. We have taken some nice trips, one to Tyler to visit my Aunt Frat who later passed away; to Albuquerque New Mexico for the Good Sam rally; to Elkhart Indiana for the Heartland rally there, then over into Ohio to meet our friends and back to Dickinson, visiting many interesting cities on the way. If you have just started reading this blog, please feel free to read past entries to learn about the places we've been. We went to the awesome Priest Gulch RV park in Dolores Colorado and after leaving there, stopped off at Albuquerque again for the Balloon Festival. We had to come back to Dickinson at the end of each of the trips because of the house. We did get almost everything out of it but left enough behind to sleep there if we need to. Now if we can just find someone to buy the darned thing!

Our first year of retirement has been great and we are looking forward to the next 20 or more years of retirement traveling.

So long.

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