Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday November 15, 2009-Rayford Crossing

There was no breakfast in the rally hall this morning and since it's Sunday, we don't do coffee. We all take Sunday off from discussing all of the world's problems since it IS a day of rest.

Stella and I decided to go out for breakfast this morning. She wanted to go to IHOP, but when we got there, the parking lot was full and there were people standing outside waiting to get in so we decided to try somewhere else. We ended up at Skeeters, the restaurant that Cameron doesn't like. Kim told us that the last time we took the boys there, Cameron came home with a list of things he didn't like. There was some good that came out of this review. He apparently shared his dislike with other kids in his school, so when his class started doing a newsletter, his teacher made Cam the restaurant reviewer. He now reports on places in and around Texas City. Perhaps he'll grow up to be a newspaper reporter. Cameron would have given another bad report on Skeeters. The biscuits, sausage and bacon were all cold and the orange juice was lukewarm. I sent in a comment card to the company. It will be interesting to see if I hear back from them.

We came back home and while I caught up on my blog and surfed the 'net, Stella got ready to go to Melissa's shower. I watched football all afternoon while Stella and most of the other women still here in the park went to the shower. When she returned, she said Melissa got many nice gifts. She is having a little girl this time (she has four boys) so she needed almost everything for a girl. It sounds to me like she pretty-much got it. We're happy for her.

So long.


Ted and Donna said...

Tell him to become a fair and balanced journalist but not a newspaper reporter. He'll be unemployed when all the papers are gone!

Melissa said...

You may be on to something. He could be the next Marvin Zindler!!! Have him start practicing the phrase "SLIIIIIME in the ice machine!" :D